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"​At Least I Tried: Partial Willful Ignorance, Information Acquisition, and Social Preferences." Forthcoming, Review of Behavioral Economics.


Underlined titles link to SSRN postings.


Betrayal Aversion and Political Science ( with Pervesh Anthwal, Jason A. Aimone, and Sheryl Ball)

Nobody Lives Here: Willful Ignorance and Property Rights in Dictator Games 

E Pluribus Unum: Repeated Multilevel Public Goods and Identity (with Peter J. McGee)

How Far I'll Go: Coordination among Disparate Types (with Mir Adnan Mahmood and Ashley McCrea)

The Value of Communicating Emotional Experiences in Social Contexts. (with Abdelaziz AlSharawy)

Is No News Good News? Motivated Reasoning on Charitable Giving (with Jessica White)

Paved with Good Intentions: Information Acquisition and Group Identity in Public Goods Games

Strangers Like Me: Does Group Affiliation Serve as a Noisy Signal of Agents’ Types?  (with Mir Adnan Mahmood, Ashley McCrea, and Kushal Lamichhane)

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